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Tuyauteur Aéronautique


Chaudronnier aéronautique

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Usinage CN 3, 4 et 5 axes

ZEISS Contura G2

Usinage panneaux aluminium

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Parts manufacturing

Painting shop & Logistic Aera (Raw materials & parts)
To manage parts and support its customers, SERTA ASD and SERTA Polska have a 2 logistic areas 
dedicated to parts & raw materials.
This department manages stock and prepares kits for SERTA customers or SERTA Assembly shop. 
A special shop with racks classified by customer and sawing machines is dedicated for raw material.
SERTA ASD has 3 painting cabins up to a lenght of 9 meters dedicated for parts & sub-assemblies


Mechanical parts

SERTA Group is equipped with 32 CNC machines installed at SERTA ASD and SERTA Polska and has a suppliers network too.

  • SERTA ASD operates on 3 axis to 5 axis machines until 500 mm up to lenght of 3800 mm.
  • SERTA Polska operates on 3 axis and 4 axis machines until 400 mm up to lenght of 800 mm and is dedicated to hight precision.

Sheet metal parts

SERTA ASD has a sheet metal area.

This area has all neccessaries equiments to manufacture complex parts as :

  • Routing machine
  • heat treatment furnace (2 meters x 1 meters) class A certified
  • Rubber press (2 meters x 1 meters)
  • Bending machine
  • Rolling machine (3,8 meters)
  • Welding area